Grey & Jingga - the Twilight

The love story of Grey and Jingga is like the color of dawn. The orange sky of dawn is always better with grey clouds, as they are eternal mates. This is the story of Grey & Jingga. Grey and Jingga grew up in the same neighborhood. Their friendship ended when Grey’s family had to move to other place. Now, they once again meet each other as collage friends. Both of them now are young adults who have different personalities with their child persona, yet they share the same thing...  They have been longing for their soulmate... They unknowingly have been longing for each other. Both of them are holding their pride up high, and not one of them would dare to tell each other the truth. Then come Mr Perfect and Ms Right who don’t hesitate to express their feelings to Grey and to Jingga. Should they play it safe, or should they should risk the perfect relationship for the truth?


Sweta Kartika


M&C Koloni

13.5 x 20 cm