Ground Zero

Far. Why are people obsessed with that word? Marco Polo took a long journey from Venice to the Mongol country. The mountaineers risked their lives to conquer the peak. Also obsessed with the word “far”, this bohemian traveller gave his all for a grand journey around the world. He snuck into the forbidden land of the Himalayas. He resided in the mysterious Kashmir, he became a witness of a conflict- ing war and laughter. It all started with a dream. This was his strug- gle to find meaning. After such a long journey, the traveller returned, kneeling by her mother’s bed. Surprisingly, from the mother who never went anywhere, he discovered the long-neglected meaning of all his journeys, one after another. “Life is a journey. We don’t know when it will end. I also don’t?know when my adventures will end. All I know is that I still want to continue my journeys. There are still many places that I would like?to visit,” Agustinus Wibowo commented in an interview. When he wrote this book, Agus, as he is usually called, was temporarily living in Afghanistan. For nearly three years he had been travelling on?the road unceasingly, crossing the South and Central Asia. He was on a “personal mission” of travelling around Asia, as a part of his dream to travel around the world. His journey started at the Beijing Train Station in China on July 31st, 2005. From the bamboo curtain country, he went up to the roof of the world, Tibet, before crossing over to Nepal, went down to India, cut across westward into Paki- stan, Afghanistan and Iran before turning back again to Central Asia, starting from Tajikistan, and then Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and finallyTurkmenistan. He travelled thousands upon thousands of kilometres using various modes of transportation such as the train, bus, truck, horse, donkey, and not to mention travelling on foot. For Agus, backpacking is his life, his daily oxygen.    


Agustinus Wibowo