Is Ornit Angry?

Ornit The Caterpillar was Lawa The Bat’s best friend. One day, Lawa accidentally called Ornit ‘fatty’. Then days after that, Ornit was missing and Lawa was very sad. He could only find a cocoon on the place where Ornit usually ate. Lawa thought that Ornit was angry to him. Then one day, a beautiful big butterfly came out of the cocoon. Who was it? It turned out that Ornit had changed into a beautiful rare bird wing butterfly. Lawa was so surprised and happy. Lawa became even happier because Ornit wasn’t angry to him. Presented with beautiful story and colorful illustrations, this book will teach its young readers not only the benevolence, but also the beauty of Indonesia’s diverse flora and fauna. Besides, this book will teach its young readers the importance of caring and saving the environment.


Evi Z. Indriani