Princess Kemang

This story comes from Bengkulu. Princess Kemang like hunting very much. When she ventures into the wood to hunt, she sees a deer, then she shoots him. The first attempt is failed, but her second shot is successful. The Kemangtree which is close to the deer looks like a handsome young man.The princess wants him to be her friend. But the young man says that he can’t be her friend unless the jungle is changed into a kingdom. The Princess promises that she will trans- form it into a royal forest and pick up the young man. The Princess returns to her kingdom, but on the way she encounters obstacles. Her dog that always accompanies her is dead. Not only that, she faces barrier from the crocodile. One year has passed, the princess returns to the wood. It turns out that the forest has become an empire and the king is The Son of Kemang, handsome young man that she has met before. Finally, the princess invites him to her kingdom.


Murti Bunanta


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