7 Minutes Fairytales /web/id/books/7-minutes-fairytales The book contains 6 fairy tales: 1. A Good Mouse Deer 2. Crocodile Tears 3. Bugi the Smile Sharks 4. Busted!!! 5. Pink Rice 6. Upik Play Ball 7. Puppet before Sleeping
9 Summers 10 Autumns - From the City of Apples to the Big Apple /web/id/books/9-summers-10-autumns-city-apples-big-apple It is an inspiring story of hope where the son of a poor minibus driver in Batu, the City of Apples in East Java, went on to become a multinational company director in New York City. Iwan was raised in a “little house” at the foot of Mount Panderman in Batu, East Java, along with 4 sisters and loving parents. His father worked as a minibus driver, while his mother was the glue that held everyone in the family together. In each other, they discovered strength through love and devotion; and together they managed to crawl out of poverty and create new lives for themselves.
A Face for DamDam /web/id/books/face-damdam Damdam has just gotten a new head and body. They are made out of a coconut shell and the spine of a banana leaf. But what face would be good for him? Would it be a smiley, happy, sad, or an angry one? It is funny how masks can change Damdam’s face from one to another. Well, it can be scary too! An interesting story with colorfull illustration of Indonesian traditional masks.
A Home for Ge /web/id/books/home-ge Ge, a Sumatra elephant no longer likes this place. Here, he has to work hard. Besides, he gets too little food. One day, Ge manages to run away. But, wait. What is this strange place? And why are these people chasing him and shouting once he gets to eat something? Here, there and everywhere, children are always yelling at him. What should he do? Will he at ‘home’?
A Mystery at the Floating Market /web/id/books/mystery-floating-market Eight-year-old Mawi wonders where some fruits and vegetables at the floating market could have gone. He tries to investigate once people start to blame on him, and yet, he ends up falling in love with the thieves! A touching story with fabulous illustration about a traditional floating market in Indonesia.
A Playground in My Wardrobe /web/id/books/playground-my-wardrobe What is more fun than playing in the playground? Jumping on a trampoline made out of clouds, swinging on a tree branch while chasing butterflies, and flying with a peacock while running away from a dragon? Well, you can have your adventure with a playground in my wardrobe! An exciting story with marvelous illustrations of batik, one of Indonesian traditional textile.
A Princess Became A Paddy /web/id/books/princess-became-paddy A kingdom suffered from a very long dry season because of people’s mistakes. The Princess felt pity for it, then she sacrificed her life to end the disaster. A miracle happened after her sacrifice. It rained heavily and the princess was disappeared. She became a lot of rice seeds those made the people felt grateful. Since the day, people called her Dewi Sri.
A Test for Prince Samaratungga /web/id/books/test-prince-samaratungga Prince Samaratungga fell in love with the beautiful Dewi Tara. When the prince proposed her, Dewi Tara asked him two questions. Prince Samaratungga should think harder in a very short time. Could he answer them perfectly?  A collection of folktales about princesses and princes who lived in Indonesian Archipelago a very, very long time. Each tale containes lots of meaningful values, besides the richness of Indonesian culture.
A Thousand Months: 300 Story of the Wonder of Quran /web/id/books/thousand-months-300-story-wonder-quran Al-Qur’an, the Muslim’s scripture, contains guidance to live our lives and stories from Allah. In the holy book, we can find stories of victory and defeat, sadness and joy, good and evil, and amazing miracles. This book is arranged by 12 months Hijri. You may start reading from the first month, i.e. Muharram, or from any month, or from any story you choose. Wonderfully decorated with colorful illustrations, this book is also equipped with features of each month of the Islamic calendar, excerpts of verses and chosen prayers from the Qur’an.
All These Loves /web/id/books/all-these-loves I often wonder about love. Love can come and go suddenly. Eight semesters of studying in America is not a long time. But it is also not a short time to play hide-and-seek. Moreover, when the opponent to play hide-and-seek is love. It is exhausting! In the roller coaster of love that I ride, I found the love that hide behind walls, I nurture love that come unexpectedly, I let go of love that went away as quickly as they came. Some say: God sent a few wrong people first so that you know when the right person comes along. Well, it took me a long time to know what love is mine.