Man Tiger /web/id/books/man-tiger

An extraordinarily beautiful, sly, ribald, and compulsively readable novel. “After half a century,” writes renowned Indonesia scholar Ben- edict Anderson, “Pramaoedya Ananta Toer has found a successor.” Eka Kurniawan has been described as the “brightest meteorite” in Indonesia’s new literary firmament, the author of two remarkable novels whose sheer beauty, elegance, cosmopolitanism, and ambi- tion have brought comparisons not only to Pramaoedya, universally considered Indonesia’s modern literary genius, but also to Salman Rushdie, Gabriel García Márquez, and Mark Twain.

Mandala /web/id/books/mandala Rusli is restlessly waiting for what prize his Dad would give him for passing the second grade. Mom says it is something strong, powerful, yet pretty and graceful. What could that be?
Mantra /web/id/books/mantra

Mantra is a comic book with a strong background of Indonesian art and culture. The story is about Ratri, a young budding artist, who is struggling to discover her true voice within art community and evading the shadow of her art mentor. When her attempt almost leads her to depression, she finds an ancient mantra. Will this mantra help her to achieve her goals, or will it get her trapped inside a mysterious world?

Masaraserani and the Sun /web/id/books/masaraserani-and-sun Masarasenani story comes from Papua. This story tells us about her routi ne as sago pounder. The people in her village are happy when the Sun shines all day long, but on that day darkness comes so fast, so she can only pound litt le sago for her family. Masarasenani wants to ensnare the Sun so it will shine to her village longer. But when the Sun is trapped, Masarasenani feels miserable for the Sun. So she releases the Sun. When the Sun knows why Masarasenani traps him, the Sun promises to be fair in giving the light to her village. Then the village becomes prosperous.
Mewarnai Gambar Cerita Rakyat Kamoro /web/id/books/mewarnai-gambar-cerita-rakyat-kamoro Finally, Bil decided to be a pastor. He wanted to pay the people’s sacrifice that had supported the struggle for nation independence. By being a pastor, he was unnecessary to think about material things, therefore he would be able to fully dedicate to the people. He was unnecessary to look for any job or worried about his future because all of his needs would be afforded by church. “I want to pay the debt for the people,” said Bil in his letter for his parents.
Moon /web/id/books/moon Seli is fifteen, a tenth-grader. She’s just like other teenagers. She listens to the famous songs, goes to the fast food restos and the movies, watches the popular TV-series, and does lots of things that most teenagers do. But Seli has a little secret; an extraordinary thing that she has kept for herself since she was a kid. Seli can release lightning bolts from her hands.
Motivational Fable Collection /web/id/books/motivational-fable-collection It’s not easy to grow up in this modern world. Children are exposed to more choices, more information, more people experience. How do they make sense out of all that? How do they choose the right way? Ho to grow up well? Ten stories in this book will motivate children to do the right things the right way. We only live once. Let’s live our lives to the fullest!
Mouse Deer and Turtle /web/id/books/mouse-deer-and-turtle
My Doodle Diary: Geography /web/id/books/my-doodle-diary-geography

My Doodle Diary: Geography contains insights of several continents like Asia, Australia, Africa, America, Europe and the countries in each continent. These insights are formed in a mind-map so it’s easier to understand rather than reading a bunch of text.This book also informs you about countries like South Africa, Japan, France, Brazil, and many more!

My Pets /web/id/books/my-pets Do you have pet? It must be fun to play with them! However, other than playing with them you must take care of them too. Why? Just like us they are also living beings. If we love them, in return they will love us too. Don’t you believe me? Let’s follow the story of Gugu, puppy of a little girl named Lulu. If we love them, in return they will love us too. Don’t you believe me? Let’s follow the story of Ciku, kitten of a little boy named Aro.