Putri Mandalika /web/id/books/putri-mandalika This legend comes from Lombok (an island in West Nusa Tenggara) and is associated with Nyale tradition that is sti ll alive today. Once upon a time, a beauti ful princess named Mandalika is asked for her hand in marriage by two kings from two different kingdoms. But Princess Mandalika does not want to get married, and this may lead to war.
Rattan Will Do /web/id/books/rattan-will-do Nobody stops by to buy what has left from once various rattan furniture or handicraft at the shop. That means there is no money to buy a new ball. But no worries! Just like what the proverb says; if there is no rattan, then roots will do. Always find a substitute!
Riding the Clouds /web/id/books/riding-clouds The Tiger and the Deer asked to the Cloud why the rain never came to their forest. The Cloud said that it could not deliver rains to just wherever it wished. The Cloud then took them to have a ride on its back. They were going around visiting many foreign places. Where could the places be? Join the Cloud, the Tiger, and the Deer, in their adventure within this book!
Rosi and 1000 Bags /web/id/books/rosi-and-1000-bags Rosi is frightened. She is trapped inside a huge bag.  She is trying to find a way out. Rosi shouts to call her brother.  Earlier, Mom had asked her to watch over him. Now, what could she do?  Could Rosi make it to go out and find her brother? An exciting story abouth love of sibling with delighting colorful illustration.
Rukun Iman /web/id/books/rukun-iman Do you know what the Articles of Faith are? What is the meaning of each article? In this book Hasan, Husein, and their friends invite you to learn more about the Artilcles of Faith through their daily activities. You can also find explanation that helps you understand everything related to the Articles of Faith.
Runaway Ran /web/id/books/runaway-ran Katrina the spoiled child whose hobby is to shop online now must learn to live frugal and make money by herself. Luckily, she received a vacancy ad broadcasted on her Blackberry. The job was to be assistant of J.F. Ran, comic author of comic 4 Hero No Zero. She sent along her CV to apply for the job. An interesting story of a young women in the metropolitan.
Saman /web/id/books/saman Four young women are in search of their sexuality: shy Laila, the almost perfect Yasmin, Shakuntala the rebel, and the wild Cok. A man from their teenage years, Saman, is an activist targeted by the military regime. The women must help Saman escape the regime’s wrath. Ayu Utami’s Saman won first prize at the Jakarta Arts Council 1998 Novel Competition and the 2000 Prince Claus Award.    
Senggutru /web/id/books/senggutru In Java lives a girl named Senggutru. She is only as big as a thumb, but when a giant steals all the food in her village, only Senggutru can defeat him and save her people.
Sewidak Loro /web/id/books/sewidak-loro This folktale from Java tells about a girl who has only sixty-two hairs on her head. So great is her mother’s love that she sings a prayer for her daughter every night, asking for her ugly daughter to be changed into a beauty and become the king’s wife.
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