Shirley the Little Wizard Series /web/id/books/shirley-little-wizard-series Shirley is a kind hearted young wizard. With her magic wand, she often helps her friends, eventough sometime her good intentions turn awry. Titles in this series: - Shirley Si Penyihir Cilik - Kumpulan Cerita - Shirley Si Penyihir Cilik - Kumpulan Petualangan
Si Kecil /web/id/books/si-kecil In South Sulawesi, four children from a very poor family are left in the forest to take care of themselves. They find a remote hut owned by an evil giant and the oldest, the tiny boy, leads his younger siblings inside to steal the giant’s treasure.
Sky Painters /web/id/books/sky-painters Having just arrived in their new home in Payakumbuh, Angga dan Dhika feel lonely. But high up there, something heals their loneliness. It is a sky full of colorful kites! Never having seen kites like those back in their hometown, Angga and Dhika hope that they could play with it. Yet, why does Dhika look scared when a sturdylooking boy comes and gives him one? An interesting story with wonderful illustrations and instructions about how to make a kite.
Smart Kids Illustrated Dictionary /web/id/books/smart-kids-illustrated-dictionary This illustrated dictionary answered many questions children have about Islam: about the origin of Islam, the messengers of God, the difference between hadith and sunna, the pillars of Islam, hajj pilgrimage, story of animals in the quran, story the prophets and many other interesting things. To help children to memorize, this book include a game of snakes and ladders, and game of asmaul husna(Beautiful Names of God). Memorizing the 99 Beautiful Names becomes so much fun.
Sorry for not Sorry /web/id/books/sorry-not-sorry Enough with the peeking. Come inside! Open this book to enjoy the most fun holiday a princess could have. You’ll meet a girl that dress like a princess and behave like a cowboy. She made a mistake, saying sorry and being forgiven. She made another mistake, being forgiven. Again. Now, she is in the habit to do whatever she wants and get away with it. But, how many times will she get away with the famous “sorry” word?
Spoiled Kitten /web/id/books/spoiled-kitten Deep in the forest of North Sumatra, there is a cat who is living with her son. They used to live in an empire, where the cat was spoiled by the King. The King’s mother advised him not to spoil the cat, but cat got angry with her. After sometime, he leaves his elderly mother. He determines to find a mother who is so powerful that he can be spoiled again. However, he finally realizes that his mother is the most loving mother.
Srinti /web/id/books/srinti The earthquake has taken everything; best friends, sisters, and other family members too. Or maybe not. They left something buried under the debris. Its name is Srinti. A nice story about a happy moment in a refugee camp.
STAR - The Art of Caravan Studio /web/id/books/star-art-caravan-studio Publishing artbook has been a tradition of Caravan since 2010. CIRQUE (2010) and KLOVN (2012) artbooks were distributed in South East Asia and gained success among fans. This is the first time Caravan publishes twin artbooks, SUN and STAR. Different from the previous artbooks, SUN and STAR consists of all-new original artworks and concepts from our talented artists. Some of the projects are in the development stage to be translated into comic books, animation series, games and live-action movie.
Stay Calm and Get Angry Like A Super Cool Godzilla /web/id/books/stay-calm-and-get-angry-super-cool-godzilla Liam is kind of famous around his neighbourhood. He is a very handsome boy, with super smart brain. But once he got upset, he will turn into something worse than Godzila itself. Errr… Actually. Not really. Because Godzilla nowadays are so cool and know how to manage their anger. I’ll let you peeking inside Liam’s world where he met the coolest Godzilla that tells him the secret of staying cool, even when he’s angry.
Stories of Leadership for Kids /web/id/books/stories-leadership-kids Believe in oneself, follow one’s own heart, give more than expected. These are but a few qualities needed in a leader. In this day and age, when children spend most of their waking hours striving academically, they need to be guided and reminded that there are other qualities to be honed in order to make a good leader. Ten stories in this collection will inspire the young leaders of our nation to take responsibility, to accept differences, and to never ever give up.