The Circle of Thank You /web/id/books/circle-thank-you Diana wants a pair of shoes. Actually, she is desperately need one. She has been waiting for almost a year now. But it turns out, no one gave her what she want. No wonder why she is so furious! Come with Diana to discover the meaning of being grateful, not only by saying thank you, but a lot more fun way to be grateful for all the kindness surround you. This book shows what would happen when “a circle act of “thank you” generates your life into a better one.
The Coolest Scientists’ Encyclopedia /web/id/books/coolest-scientists%E2%80%99-encyclopedia Science .. the Earth ...the Universe ... Man ... Animals ...Plants Beaver’s nose and ears shut when it is in water. Coal is made of trees that have been dead for millions of years. Photosynthesis is a process of plants to make its own food with the help of sun light. Saturnus rings are made of millions of ice crystals, some are as big as a house, some are as fine as dust.
The Cries of Giant Patma /web/id/books/cries-giant-patma While Lala The Fly was taking a rest, she heard a strange cry. She flew to find who was crying. Then she smelled rotten smell. She was worried there was an animal hurt somewhere. It turned out that the odor did not come from an animal, but from a giant Padma. A gigantic rare flower that only lived in Indonesia.
The Dancer /web/id/books/dancer The Dancer, a trilogy of novels, recounts the tumultuous days of Indonesia in the mid 1960s. The Dancer highlights the lives of Srintil, a dancer, and Rasus, a bewildered young man torn between tradition and political progress. Through their separate experiences, both learn the concepts of shame and sin: Rasus after he leaves their home village and journeys into the wider world and Srintil when the outside world finally comes crashing into her remote village. The Dancer gives readers a ground-level view of the political turmoil leading up to and following the abortive coup in 1965.
The Dandruff Giant and other uniques stories /web/id/books/dandruff-giant-and-other-uniques-stories What happens to the chicken of Mr Broiler after they hear the discordant voice of Mrs. Falsetta? What does Handro do when he meets the passenger who always imitates him? How does Per panic when he tries on the winged shoes belonging to Hangoro? These 15 stories will certainly entertain you and cheer you up!
The Dwarf Child Herds the Wind /web/id/books/dwarf-child-herds-wind “What is the meaning of a deep and vast ocean, if love wants to wade across and plunge into it, my friend?” asked Anila in her song. All of a sudden, the monkeys paused, while dancing they answered Anila’s song.?“The ocean will become a lake, and love will be a pair of gold pup- pets on its surface.
The End of Journey /web/id/node/154

The End of Journey is the third book of Fuadi’s trilogy.

The Falling Leaves /web/id/books/falling-leaves Lately Tania could hardly sleep soundly. Her nights were haunted by the same dream about a little girl in a blue dress, a huge robust tree and the falling leaves. As her birthday loomed, the dreams became more intense. On one hand, she was really excited because she could only celebrate her birthday once every four years, on February the 29th. But on the other hand, the dream made her anxious because a major event always happened every time she celebrated that day.
The Flood in the Toba Land /web/id/books/flood-toba-land A poor man found a fish that turned into a beautiful girl. He later married her and promised not to tell the origin of the girl to anyone. One day, their son made mistakes which made him very angry. He chased away the boy by saying that he was the son of a fish. His wife was very sad to hear that and cried aloud because he had broken his promise. Suddenly, a heavy rain fell down and stagnated around his wife and son stood. They disappeared as a lake formed around them. People then called it Toba Lake.
The Folktales of Amungme Tribe /web/id/books/folktales-amungme-tribe This book consists of two folktales of Amungme Tribe, “Perjanjian Abadi”(Eternal Agreement) and “Kisah Terjadinya Keladi” (The Story of Calladium). These folks were handed down from old generation of Amungme society to the next since thousand years ago. It was also completed with coloring book to attract the children’s attention in understanding the story.