The Moon's Son /web/id/books/moons-son

Nono was scared, how could he get lost in the walnut tree? He just wanted to take his bike leaning there. And who was the mysterious black kid that lured him into it? Nono wanted to get out. But inside the tree, existed a different world. He arrived in the Dutch colonial period! It was not the worst. There were many other strange things. For example, a beautiful blue-eyed girl who could turn into a canary, hordes of Black Ants, and the moon son. What kind of world was this? Nono wanted to return home to his great-grandfather in Wlingi.

The Most Beautiful Days of a Moslem Child /web/id/books/most-beautiful-days-moslem-child Hi friends, what days do you think are most beautiful? According to our eight friends, the most beautiful days are those that coincide with important Islamic days: Eid, Ramadhan, Eid Adha, and many more. For example, our friend Fitri, who lives in London. According to her, the month of Ramadhan is the most beautiful month. Fitri is grateful for the month although she has to fast for 18 hours. Let us read how Fitri misses the beauty of Ramadhan in Indonesia.
The Mystery of the Old City /web/id/books/mystery-old-city A mysterious old man is spying on Beno’s house! Beno follows the mysterious old man. But the old man is said to be missing after quarreling with a man with a scar. With the helo of his new friends, Sari and Ito, Beno investigates the old parts of the city where he lives. Their clue is a cut of an old newspaper in Chinese characters. Situation grows even more threatening when Beno and Sari are stalked, and... Ito is kidnapped! What is actually going on in this old city? Why does everybody seem to be so interested in the old newspaper cut with Chinese characters?
The Outcast /web/id/books/outcast It’s about them who were casted out due to their belief in this beautiful country. Lombok, January 2011
The Owl Yearning for the Moon /web/id/books/owl-yearning-moon Pungguk fell in love with Princess Purnama Bulan, a princess of the moon. However, because of their differences in caste of society, they cannot be united. One day the guards suspected Pungguk approached the princess. They beat him to death then trew the body into a lake. His body was moldy that amazingly turned into birds. Those birds flew to the earth to leave Pungguk’s sadness. When the moon is full, the birds perched in sad voice and called “Pungguk… Pungguk..!” They really missed for the moon.
The Problem With Adult /web/id/books/problem-adult How does it feel when our parents are divorced? Surely we feel sad, but we must not remain in sadness. In this book Lulu share stories about her parents divorce. Lulu said, sometimes small childrens does not understand the problems of adults , but they want to do the best for their children.
The Question of Red /web/id/books/question-red Amba went to Buru island. She was looking for her loved?one. The man who gave her a out of wedlock child. The mas was Bhisma, a Leipzig graduate doctor that went missing because he was detained by the New Order government and banished to Buru island. When the camp was disbanded and the detainees were sent home, Bhisma never returned. This historical novel tells the about the love and life of Amba, a teacher’s daugther in a small town in Central Java. “I wan raised in Kadipura. I grew up in the family that reads ancient manuscripts.” But then she left her town.
The Raid /web/id/books/raid

At the break of dawn, a special force team raids an apartment block inhabited by gang members in Jakarta. The team’s mission is to arrest the owner: a drug lord, murderer and ruthless villain named Tama. The raid that goes smoothly in the beginning turns into a nightmare. As soon as Tama finds out about the raid, he blocks all exits and commands all tennants to exterminate the special force. Trapped and surrounded, the members of the team have to fight their way out on each floor to complete the mission and stay alive.

The Rainbow Troops /web/id/books/rainbow-troops-0 Ikal is a student at Muhammadiyah Elementary, on the Indonesian island of Belitong, where graduating from sixth grade is considered a major achievement. His school is under constant threat of closure. In fact, Ikal and his friends - a group called The Rainbow Troops - face threats from every angle: pessimistic, corrupt government officials; greedy corporations hardly distinguishable from the colonialism they’ve replaced; deepening poverty and crumbling infrastructure; and their own faltering self-confidence.
The Rainbow Troops /web/id/books/rainbow-troops Published in Indonesia in 2005, The Rainbow Troops, Andrea Hirata's closely autobiographical debut novel, sold more than five million copies, shattering records. Now it promises to captivate audiences around the globe.