Toy Box Mystery /web/id/books/toy-box-mystery In the middle of the night, Dani heard a commotion in the playroom. O-ow! Apparently, the noise is coming from the toy box! Surprisingly, Dani is shrinking with every step he takes over the toy box. What would happen to him next? A hilarious story with bright colorful illustrations, sure to become a child’s favorite.
Traces of Love /web/id/books/traces-love

A month had passed since Fay was welcomed into the McGallaghan family.

Leading a nearly perfect life at the McGallaghan’s castle in Paris, Fay tried to pull herself together after she lost both of her parents. She also tried to blend in with the other family members, including Kent and Reno. At the same time, she became close with Enrique Davalos, a cute Venezuelan boy with buzz cut hair whom she met at a cafe.

Two Mothers /web/id/books/two-mothers In this life, there are two kinds of mother. First, a name for a woman who delivers the child. Second, a name for a woman who sacrifices her happiness for the sake of someone’s else child happiness. And she did it happily. The most special mothers are mothers that has both qualities. I can tell you now, because I had such mother.
Weird and Wicked Series /web/id/books/weird-and-wicked-series Dum! Dum! Dum! Ardha and Adi was beating drums they found in an old barn. Suddenly Ardha’s hands and feet are moving on its own, dance to the beat of drums. Adi could not control his beat. A white mist fall on the two children and the boys found themselves in a dense Papuan forest in the 1800s. They follow a Dutch expedition team. The situation becomes critical when one member of the expedition caught stealing a sacred drums. Ardha and Adi tried to investigate the old drums and the expedition.
Weird and Wicked: Abductions by The Watercress Witches! /web/id/books/weird-and-wicked-abductions-watercress-witches Abductions by The Watercress Witches! Karin’s eyes widened when she listened to the story Jitendra, her new best fried, had to tell. According to Jitendra, his mother was abducted by the watercress witches. So did Inggi, Jitendra’s maid’s younger sister. Both their stories seemed alike. Both women were sad, were haunted by nightmares which included giant green birds, both loved going to the watercress garden, and both went missing after eating watercress from the watercress farmers.
What I Wish I Knew at 18 Series /web/id/books/what-i-wish-i-knew-18-series An engaging, comprehensive book to help young adults achieve successes in life. This book provides practical, road-tested wisdom in essential life arenas such as life perspective, character, relationships and communication, spiritual life, handling adversity, personal productivity, college academics, career selection and advancement, love and marriage, and managing finances. Through illustration, instruction, and reflective questions, the book reveals 109 success pointers to help teenager entering into adulthood.
When Nyu Nyu Meets Pagul /web/id/books/when-nyu-nyu-meets-pagul Nyu-nyu the little turtle, moaned because of stomachache. Suddenly he heard a gentle voice greeted him. Nyu-nyu sought to all directions, but no one there. When he tilted back to the water surface, he saw a strange twig. It turned out that it was the twig who spoke to him. Its name is Pagul.
Where is the End of the Rainbow? /web/id/books/where-end-rainbow Bubu really wanted to climb up a rainbow. He thought that he had to find the end of the rainbow first. The funny thing was, every time he tried to get closer to it, the rainbow’s end kept going further away. But, Bubu never gave up. He kept on running after it until he got to the sea side. Could Bubu finally find the end of the rainbow?
Where is the Songket /web/id/books/where-songket Kak Mila’s songket is gone! How can that be? Tomorrow is the closing ceremony of the Musi Festival and everyone has to wear a songket. People will come to rent one from our collections and they will look beautiful with our songket. Well, except for Kak Mila. Now, I have to look for the songket! Kak Mila’s songket can’t be anywhere, right? Or, is it? An exciting story which introduces one of Indonesian textiles: songket.
Why should I Listen? /web/id/books/why-should-i-listen If you are as smart as Ali, maybe you would do the same as he is: never bothers to listen to anyone. Why? Simply because most people are saying things that he already knows. But, one thing that he hasn’t known yet, even the smallest information could be so important. Come, have a long day walk with Ali to find his mother. You’ll meet some strange people until the strangest one!