AmazingEdu - Primary Mathematics Vol A, B, C /web/id/books/amazingedu-primary-mathematics-vol-b-c AmazingEdu is an E-Learning software as a teaching and learning tool for teachers and students. It provides comprehensive and flexible resources for Educational use with holistic concepts explanations in the form of quality animation and premium interactive simulation with deep pedagogical characteristic.
Ampak and the Smart Ferret /web/id/books/ampak-and-smart-ferret This legend comes from South Kalimantan, which tells the story about a ferret who was caught stealing the fruit of a lemon tree owned by Ampak. The ferret is then punished to become servant of Ampak. Later Ampak stay in a palace, while the ferret does not want to live in the palace and choose to wait on the lemon tree.
Andai..... /web/id/books/andai What happens if everything in this world is pink? What will happen if all food taste sweet? No taste of salty, bitter, or others. That is the delusion of Gladys and friends. They would be happy if things could be as they want. Really? This is an exciting story of Gladys and friends wishing the world around them. Are they really comfortable with that fantasies?
Anxiety Myths /web/id/books/anxiety-myths

 In a writing career spanning more than thirty years, Afrizal Malna has published several major collections of poetry and has seen his poems translated into several languages. Afrizal is concerned with a questioning of language and a bodily engagement with public and private space. It is through the appearance of everyday objects that his poems emerge as a repository of the cultural meanings of space and things in Indonesia’s everyday modernity. His poems maintain a fine balance between consistency of style and variation in theme.

Asbabun Nuzul for Kids /web/id/books/asbabun-nuzul-kids How amazing Qur’an is! Coming directly from Allah, it has incomparable beauty in the stories and the language used. In addition to recounting stories about the followers in the past, many verses in Quran were sent down by Allah in relation to certain events. The purposes were to answer questions or to address events experienced by Prophet Muhammad and his friends. These events are known as asbabun nuzul.
Ayo Mengenal Batik /web/id/books/ayo-mengenal-batik Humanity Fighter Series is a picture book that performs some activists of equal-human- dignity, appreciating diversities, and antiviolence.
Before Dawn /web/id/books/dawn
Big Show of the Little Barongan /web/id/books/big-show-little-barongan The Big Barongan has always been the star of the show. He doesn’t need the Little Barongan by his side. But, look! The Peacock feathers fall out of the Big Barongan’s head without him knowing. Now the Little Barongan takes them one by one and puts them on his own. And something weird happens. What is that?
Bloody Mary /web/id/books/bloody-mary According to a legend, if you say the name of Carol or Bloody Mary for three times in front of a dark bathroom mirror, the mirror ghost will come out and hunt you! That’s what America’s The Legend of Bloody Mary says. Fero and Gretha tries to prove it, but the ghost of Bloody Mary still doesn’t appear. Well Bloody Mary doesn’t appear in front of them alright, but it possesses Fero’s favourite doll Mary. The pretty doll then comes alive and becomes vicious. It’s even willing to do extremely outrageous things!
Bo & Friends at Grandpa Ars’ Farm /web/id/books/bo-friends-grandpa-ars%E2%80%99-farm You might have been in a sticky situation, like Angelina who was always teased about her weight or Okta who was accused of stealing by Riri and her gang. How do you think they felt? Unhappy, upset, disappointed, heartbroken, and all! But what did they do to solve their problems? Open this book, and find the enthralling story inside. Together with Bo and friends in Grandpa Ars’ farm, you will learn how to be tough and confident.