Why Shrimp Has Crooked Body /web/id/books/why-shrimp-has-crooked-body Mandep is a well-known traditional custom in Central Kalimantan. Why Shrimps are Crooked is about the custom of mandep, except the characters are sea creatures. The fish decide to take turns cooking, and this benefi ts everyone unti l the job falls to the shrimp.
Wise Stories /web/id/books/wise-stories This book presents collection of stories told by a grandfather to his grandchildren. Stories on this book originated from all corners of the archipelago, so they are entrenched in the heart of the grandfather, who was Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs. The stories teach lesson about being obedient to parents, about generosity, leadership, and the courage to defend that right. Among them are “Biwar the Dragon Conquerer”,”Long Drought in The Kingdom of Crocodile”,”Flower Princess Shooting the Moon”, and “The Pinkie”.
Wonderful Little Buddy Stories Collection /web/id/books/wonderful-little-buddy-stories-collection Tales of Remarkable “Little Companions” contains ten fascinating stories about finding the true meaning of life. Children will find the stories both amusing and meaningful, especially because they depict familiar childhood things such as wooden horse, rubber duck, and plastic yo-yo as main characters. There tales will be read over and over again and will be handed down to the next generations as tales that will live in their heart forever.
Wono Weenie Have Fun With Languages Series /web/id/books/wono-weenie-have-fun-languages-series Wono Weenie Series is a fun activity book to introduce foreign languages to children aged 4-10 years. Children will enjoy using the book that has a variety of fun themes and close to them: family, home, number, color, age, animals, food and beverages, clothing, and others. They also can listen to dozens of vocabulary and expression, storytelling, writing things they like, counting, playing snakes and ladders, match making, drawing or coloring something, and so on.