Bujang Permai /web/id/books/bujang-permai This is a  story from West Sumatra, telling about a young man who has a dream to become a king and had a beautiful wife. But in the course of his life, the man face lot of obstacles and challenges. But he gets help from animals that he once helped.
Cap Go Meh /web/id/books/cap-go-meh Nisa, a Muslim girl, and Lili, a Chinese-Indonesian, debate over whether lontong Cap Go Meh is the genuine icon of Eid Al-Fitr tradition or Chinese New Year celebration. After sharing the excitement of experiencing each celebration, they end up with a nice solution! A nice story about food acculturation enriched with amazing illustration.
Cemara’s Family /web/id/books/cemara%E2%80%99s-family In the fast-paced world where conscience is often swallowed by the daily struggles to survive, one little family maintains their true principle that honesty is the best policy. Though stricken with poverty, Cemara’s family continues to live with gratefulness, kindness, and resilience. Cemara, the main character of this heartwarming novel, is a bright and lovely little girl who’s still in kindergarten. She lives with Abah, the breadwinner of the family, who works as a pedicab driver and a handyman whenever he’s needed.
Cheer Up, Bujang /web/id/books/cheer-bujang Bujang doesn’t like moving out, but he has to. The forest he lives in no longer gives him food. Bujang doesn’t mind finding a new place even though he can’t understand why people like to burn forests and take the wood. The only thing he has in mind now is that he is craving for labi-labi! He longs for hunting deer and hog, now that he sees scattered logs everywhere. Will he ever find his favorite foods again?
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Children's Book Illustrator /web/id/books/childrens-book-illustrator
Collection of Classical Archipelago Stories /web/id/books/collection-classical-archipelago-stories Collection of folklores contain many popular Indonesian folktales, told in a compelling style and fun to read.
Collection of Stories of Friends of the Earth /web/id/books/collection-stories-friends-earth The Earth is getting older. Air pollution, water pollution, and increasing waste have caused more damages to the Earth. Can we do something to help the Earth? Yes, we can! This book will introduce you to your friends, “Friends of the Earth.” They do many simple and exciting activities that keep and take care of the Earth, for instance by making hanging gardens, waste clearing marsh, garbage banks, and many more. You can also do the same. Little things that you do bring great use. The Earth belongs to all of us. We have to preserve and protect it!
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Crocoffein: Friendship Coffee and 7 other Fun Stories /web/id/books/crocoffein-friendship-coffee-and-7-other-fun-stories Every animal has its own special stories. This book contains the story of Croco the crocodile with its self-made coffee. There is Betirna the bat and its new friend. There also other stories and more unique facts for you to learn here! - Siuuuut! Gubrak! Krak! (Wheeeez! Crash! Crack!)- Crocoffein - Kopi Persahabatan (Crocoffein – the Friendship Coffee)- Catwalk vs Butterfly-Walk- Hah! Kok Beda!? (What? Why is it diferent?)- Oh Tidak! Ekorku! (Oh, no! My precious tail!)- Hueek! Tidak Enak! (Yuk! It tastes awful!)- Aduh! Perutku! (Ouch! My stomach!)- Kraus! Kraus! (Crunch, crunch)