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Cultivating Honorable Character /web/id/books/cultivating-honorable-character Children and youth who focus only on increasing their knowledge and developing their skills will not be prepared for a fulfilling life as adults. Life demands more than knowledge and skill. Athletes must respect others or they will be expelled from the game. Business professionals must operate ethically or they may be imprisoned. Parents must model good values for their children to embrace. In addition to knowledge and skill, they need to cultivate good character.
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Dream Shoes /web/id/books/dream-shoes They tell the childhood story of Dahlan Iskan, Indonesia’s former Minister for State-Owned Enterprises. The books contain beautiful illustrations and rhyming texts. The exotic settings in a sugarcane plantation in Java, Indonesia, will open children’s eyes on a land faraway and also teaches about cultural diversity in the world. The series is illustrated by a Singtel Asian Picture Book nominee.
Dreamlets /web/id/books/dreamlets Have you ever wondered where dreams come from? Well, let me tell you a secret! Inside the wall live creatures you have never seen. These creatures are small, elastic, furry, and cute. They can fly, can see through the walls, and they are not visible to our eyes. These creatures are the dreamlets. And their job is to create dreams.
Earth /web/id/books/earth

My name is Raib, it means gone. I’m fifteen years old and a tenthgrader. I’m an ordinary girl, just like you, your little sisters, or your neighbors. I have two cats, Whitey and Blackie. My parents are nice. My teachers are fun. My friends are great. I’m a normal teenager in every sense, except for one thing. Since I was a kid I’ve kept a secret; an amazing secret. My name is Raib and I can disappear.

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Eiffel, Help Me! /web/id/books/eiffel-help-me

Who wouldn’t have gone nuts with excitement when offered a parent-free summer vacation in Paris for two whole weeks?

Fay Regina Wiranata---who recently entered her senior year in highschool---experienced such excitement when her parents told her that they had enrolled her in a two-week French course in Paris. But once she set foot in the city, her excitement was gone in a puff when a stranger kidnapped her and asked her to pretend to be a Malaysian girl named Seena.

Enjah /web/id/books/enjah A kitchen found in a horrible disarray, along with the word "Enjah" scribbled on its wall, are events that had been terrorizing Rama's rented old house for some time. With the help of his best friend, Rama worked hard to catch the culprit who seemed to be able to sneak and act freely under his careful watch. But Rama's efforts had brought him to a dark and evil path instead, the moment he found out that "Enjah" is actually a command.
Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of a Museum in Batavia /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-museum-batavia

Leondii’s world seems to stop turning! His father, a museum curator, is accused of stealing a famous painting. Leondii does not sit still. Together with his best friend, Dean, who is a technology geek, they try to find the real thief. Their search does not go smoothly. Dean is even strictly warned by the police! Leondii is also affected as he refuses to give up. He is convinced that his father is innocent and he must prove it!