Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of Betuah Island /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-betuah-island

Ibul, Uti, Hana, and Syah are lost! They join a race along the beach and they quarrel, and go out of track. Now they are in the part of the beach with a dense mangrove forest. It is a remote place with reefs. Then they see a man with dark beard who is burying something on the beach. How mysterious! What is he burying? Why does he send them away when they ask him questions? Ibul tries to seek help from the uninhabited Betuah Island. But what does he find there? Read this exciting adventure while expanding your knowledge on Indonesia.

Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Haunted Park /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-haunted-park

You must leave the park immediately. There’s a thief ghost!” Daeng Tinggi who is wearing all-black costume gives a warning. The twin Laras and Sekar, exchange look. A thief ghost? It completes the eeriness of their vacation at the Bantimurung Butterfly Park in Sulawesi. First, Laras is forced to sit next to Amel, the new kid whose words always come true! Second, they are accompanied by a new teacher who is queer and awkward. Third, Laras catches a glimpse of a man behind the bushes who whispers about a crime plan. Finally, Laras and Sekar starts quarreling. One night....

Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Mask Dancers’ City /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-mask-dancers%E2%80%99-city Danu’s father is missing! Danu is at a loss. One morning, Danu wakes up to find his father gone. Father left a secret note written in invisible ink, “Find 5 masks.” Danu is determined to do as his father said in the message. He follows all the instructions, the arrows written in blood in the old godown and the marks scratched on an old photo. To his surprise, he is not alone. There is The Snake Shoes, The Hoarse Voice, and the Golden Tooth who also try to find the five masks. They do not seem to have any hesitation to hurt him to get the masks.
Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Old Cave /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-old-cave

Adventuring to an ancient cave? It must be exciting! Bagas never knows that his vacation in Yogyakarta will change into a suspense adventure. Everything starts from an uncle who suddenly disappears after entrusting a tube containing an old tree bark paper roll. A row of old Javanese characters are written on the paper. Bagas tries to find out the meaning of the Javanese characters. Hunting begins to find gold remains of the Dutch.

Favourite Mystery Series — The Mystery of the Pearl Beach /web/id/books/favourite-mystery-series-%E2%80%94-mystery-pearl-beach

Aunty Linda’s pearls are missing! Resti’s vacation at Amora’s home in Lombok turns into an adventure to find the missing pearls. Resti and Amora find difficulties in their search of the pearls. They know the robber has hoarse voice, but there is also a reason to cross out the name of the man with a hoarse voice from the list of suspects. Ultimately, they find themselves trapped in a dark godown by the beach. Then they hear a frightening howling. Do they succeed in finding the man with the Hoarse Voice?

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Financial Management Stories Collection /web/id/books/financial-management-stories-collection Financial Intelligence for Kids is an exciting collection of stories about managing money. The stories use simple analogies to represent finance concepts to allow children to know and learn the smart ways to manage money. The adorable animal characters in the stories are beautifully drawn to give the children an enjoyable experience while learning the financial concepts early in life. There are 10 cool stories such as ChiCHi’s Corn Bank, Mama Bunny’s Plan, Ellie’s Peanut Seeds, Pipi’s Goodies, Monty’s Candy Factory and many more.
Firefly Lamps /web/id/books/firefly-lamps One night, Tama sees light fluttering. Apparently, it is the light of fireflies! Tama and her friend Fina caught them into a jar. But, why did Tama and Fina release the fireflies again? A friendship and love of nature story, also perfect for bedtime read along with children.
Four Friends Adventures /web/id/books/four-friends-adventures
Fun in Pesantren /web/id/books/fun-pesantren This book presents story about Fira who studied in an Islamic boarding school (pesantren). Fira is in eighth grade now, So she has become a senior sister who has junior sister at the lower level. She is an excellent student with many achievements, and that makes her a favorite among the students. Fira and her companions would tell us that living in boarding schools was very pleasant. They learn to be independent, friendly, and have many exciting adventures.