Garudayana Saga Vol 1,2,3,4 /web/id/books/garudayana-saga-vol-1234 Garudayana tells the adventurous story of Kinara and Garu in the Arcapada world, in search of the Garuda elders with the help of the Pandawas. This manga series geniusly retold the story of the famous epic Mahabharata blended with Indonesian culture. The artwork are beautiful, with hilarious plot and characters.
Gift for Mom: 99 Stories and Best Hadith /web/id/books/gift-mom-99-stories-and-best-hadith There are many name to call the special women who give birth and care for us, Mother, Mom, Mummy, Mama... Whatever the name you choose, one thing is sure: we must respect and love our mothers. It’s easy to do, as shown in this story book. There are a hundred interesting stories in this book. There is story of Khalid who heard strange noises from the direction of a large rambutan tree near his room, story of the mystery train, and story of Sarah who really loves lollipops, and the gossip girl.
Great Kids Fairytale Collection /web/id/books/great-kids-fairytale-collection What has Princess Amora experienced that makes her capable of developing her talents? What does Bill do to achieve his wonderful plans? There are also stories about the independent Karmen, the patient Melody and Kiko, the persistent Kim, the honest Rein, and the brave Florina, Pulung, and Lily. Stories in this book will motivate you to keep being grateful, honest, persistent, independent, brave, tenacious, and patient.
Greeting Allah Series /web/id/books/greeting-allah-series This series contains Bismillah!; Assalaamu’alaikum!; Allahu Akbar!; Astagfirullah!; Alhamdulillah!. These daily greetings are often expressed but are perhaps not sufficiently understood. In order to learn more about the use of these expressions, let us read the story of Aminah and Ahmad in this series. Stories in this book remind you to always greet Allah the Most Holy and the Most High.
Grey & Jingga - the Twilight /web/id/books/grey-jingga-twilight

The love story of Grey and Jingga is like the color of dawn. The orange sky of dawn is always better with grey clouds, as they are eternal mates. This is the story of Grey & Jingga. Grey and Jingga grew up in the same neighborhood. Their friendship ended when Grey’s family had to move to other place. Now, they once again meet each other as collage friends. Both of them now are young adults who have different personalities with their child persona, yet they share the same thing...  They have been longing for their soulmate... They unknowingly have been longing for each other.

Ground Zero /web/id/books/ground-zero Far. Why are people obsessed with that word? Marco Polo took a long journey from Venice to the Mongol country. The mountaineers risked their lives to conquer the peak. Also obsessed with the word “far”, this bohemian traveller gave his all for a grand journey around the world. He snuck into the forbidden land of the Himalayas. He resided in the mysterious Kashmir, he became a witness of a conflict- ing war and laughter. It all started with a dream. This was his strug- gle to find meaning. After such a long journey, the traveller returned, kneeling by her mother’s bed.
Healthy Kid Series /web/id/books/healthy-kid-series Titles in this series: - Danis Kutuan - Nami Sakit Cacar - Fino Gatal - Gatal - Vito Cacingan - Kaila Sakit Gigi - Noki Sakit Perut - Ela Gondongan - Cici Mimisan
Home /web/id/books/home Paris, May 1968. In the midst of students revolution in Paris, Dimas Suryo, an Indonesian political exile met Vivienne Deveraux, a French student who joined a rally against the French government. At the same time, Dimas heard the news from Jakarta: Hananto Prawiro, his best friend was taken by the military and died. Dimas was worried and nervous. Along with tens of Indonesian journalists and artists he couldn’t go back to Jakarta for their passports had been revoked?by the Indonesian government.
Honesty is Bravery /web/id/books/honesty-bravery What would you do if you cheat once and no one knows? Draco the little dragon had just won the World’s Fastest Dragon Contest. In addition to being popular, something which of course a dream of every skinny and small dragon, he also got a lot of big presents. At first, he was really happy. Now those who doesn’t even care is being nice to him. But it seems that the truth keep him away from peace and joy. He’s the only one who know why. Because… he did not win the contest in an honest way!
Horrible Tooth Fairy /web/id/books/horrible-tooth-fairy Jake never expects that he’ll experience the worst thing in his life. It’s all because of Susan, the new student at his school. At first, Jake was very glad to make Susan the object of his ridicule. Yes, Susan’s teeth are very strange. Jake even embarrassed her on her birthday by wearing fake false teeth to imitate the way Susan talks. But turns out he can’t take the false teeth out. They’re stuck permanently! What’s more, the store where Jake bought them mysteriously vanishes. The horror can no longer wait to eat Jake alive!