How the Earth Stop Spinning /web/id/books/how-earth-stop-spinning What is death? Why can’t sister walk? Why is mother leaving father? Why is brother hospitalized? Why do I have to move to a foreign place? Children cannot be separated from negative emotions like grief, shock, sadness, and shame. Emotionally draining events can also happen in a family. As parents, we should not ignore it, or even consider that it should be disclosed or exaggerate it. Parents are required to provide support for their children. This book helps children understand their feelings; reminding them that they are not alone.
Humorous Animals /web/id/books/humorous-animals Let us LEARN ABOUT NUMBERS! We can learn English by reciting rhymes, coloring, and playing with stickers.
I Love Books: Reading Books Is Exciting! /web/id/books/i-love-books-reading-books-exciting Reading books does not need to be boring. In this book, our friends, Nonit, Gea, Aryo, Deo, and others will share their stories about a lot of things. Among others the excitement they have in visiting a library, reading and trying out e-book facilities with cook animation, making srapbook for surprise presents, performing stage book for flood refuge children, meeting with famous writers and asking for their autographs, and opening free reading house. It is all so exciting! You can also try to do these with your friends. Books are the windows of the world. Reading a lot will make you smarter!
I Love You Mom /web/id/books/i-love-you-mom This bilingual book consists 10 inspiring stories about mother’s love such as The Flower Seller’s Daughter, Mother’s Letters to Her Daughter, Our Simple House, and many more. The lovely stories in this book have been beautifully illustrated by talented illustrators. Children and mothers would surely love this keepsake collection.
Indonesian Classic Folklore: The Frog Prince /web/id/books/indonesian-classic-folklore-frog-prince Long ago the Balinese neglected the ritual offerings to the gods. The gods became angry and punished them with a long drought. Life was difficult, the people suffered and they became selfish. Rangda, the ruler of evil and suffering, was ready to take over Bali, when a young prince, Putu Oka, was willing to sacrifice himself for the welfare of the people. Rangda turned Putu Oka into an ugly frog. He would not become a man again, unless he could find a girl who truly loved him.
Indonesian Folktales /web/id/books/indonesian-folktales Dongeng Mini Nusantara contains five fascinating tales that invite children to learn about Indonesian culture. This collection is specially designed in small size, using good, simple word choice along with adorable illustrations for children to love Indonesian culture. Five titles in the box are Danau Toba, Malin Kundang, Lutung Kasarung, Cindelaras, and Keong Mas.
Is Ornit Angry? /web/id/books/ornit-angry Ornit The Caterpillar was Lawa The Bat’s best friend. One day, Lawa accidentally called Ornit ‘fatty’. Then days after that, Ornit was missing and Lawa was very sad. He could only find a cocoon on the place where Ornit usually ate. Lawa thought that Ornit was angry to him. Then one day, a beautiful big butterfly came out of the cocoon. Who was it? It turned out that Ornit had changed into a beautiful rare bird wing butterfly. Lawa was so surprised and happy. Lawa became even happier because Ornit wasn’t angry to him.
I’m a Brave Child, I can Defend Myself /web/id/books/i%E2%80%99m-brave-child-i-can-defend-myself I welcome heartily the publication of this book, “Aku Anak yang Berani, Bisa Melindungi Diri Sendiri,” that contains information in sexual issues that are adjusted to the level of cognitive development of children using easy-to-understand language for children. This book is also a guide for families in taking their active role in the National Anti-Sexual Violence against Children Movement (GN-AKSA).” — Linda Amalia Sari, S.IP; Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection
Jaka and the Magic Bean Tree /web/id/books/jaka-and-magic-bean-tree A poor boy sold his cow by exchanging it with magic beans.His mother was very angry and threw the beans into the ground. In the next morning, the beans grew into a very tall and big bean stalk. The boy climbed until the top of the tree and found a giant’s house who loved eating children. One day, he took the giant’s precious hen. The giant heard the noisy voice and chased the children by climbing down the bean stalk. Unlucky, he fell down and died when the boy cut out the bean stalk.
Jangi and Janger /web/id/books/jangi-and-janger Jangi was ugly and weak but he was able to help his brother, who was handsome and strong. Families are forever.