Learning Hijaiyah with 28 Fabels /web/id/books/learning-hijaiyah-28-fabels “I am sleepy. Why do we have to do Subuh prayer?” asked Bako, the cow. Khiro, the sheep, had different story. He didn’t like his fur shaved to be made blanket for the orphans. “Why do we have to love the orphans? I never ask anything from them?” said Khiro. While Hudi, the hud-hud, stayed silent when his friends throw their thrases into the river. “It’s not my bussiness,” thought Hudi. Well, then... guess what? Here came the flood! What happen then to Bako, Khiro, and Hudi?
Legend of Banyan Tree /web/id/books/legend-banyan-tree In some places, banyan tree is still considered sacred, especially in the islands which were once under the influence of Hinduism, such as Java (West Java, East Java, Central Java), Madura, and Bali. This tree is commonly believed as the dwelling place of both good and evil spirits.
Let’s Learn about Fasting /web/id/books/let%E2%80%99s-learn-about-fasting Whoa, thank God, the blessed month has finally arrived. It is the month of Ramadan, the fasting month. What is fasting? What is allowed and unallowed things to do in this month? What is other kind of fasting other than in the month of Ramadan? This book taught children about fasting through interesting stories.
Lies, Loss and Longing /web/id/books/lies-loss-and-longing The stories in Lies, Loss, and Longing portray the experiences of survivors of violence. Sukanta delves deeply into ordinary suffering, using his keen eye for the mundane to expose extraordinary contradictions. Many of the characters in his stories meet a sad ending. Nonetheless, there is a strength in his characters that gives them, and us, insights into their predicaments and the changes that must happen in Indonesia. Sukanta’s work transcends location and the kinds of longing he evokes in his stories are ones we all can share.
Lift the Flaps Book Peek A Boo! At the Farm! /web/id/books/lift-flaps-book-peek-boo-farm This BILINGUAL series fits well with the need to satisfy your children’s curiosity about the world of animals. By various quizzes that use pleasant LIFT-the-FLAPS method this series introduces your children to animals and their typical characteristics, sounds, and behaviors.
Lift the Flaps Book Peek A Boo! Dinosaurs /web/id/books/lift-flaps-book-peek-boo-dinosaurs This book series amis to stimulate child’s curiosity about the world of animals. With a guessing game that comes with methods of lift-the-flaps, children is invited to know the animals through their characteristic, sound, and habits.
Little Lily Series /web/id/books/little-lily-series Little lily series tell the unusual adventures of a little girl in many unusual places. The stories are crated to induce creative imaginations in the young reader’s minds. Stories are beautifully illustrated and texts are kept simple to ensure easy understanding. Instruction for Pretend Plays is provided at the back of each story. Introduce Little Lily to your young readers to nurture the love of reading as early as possible. Titles in this series: - Little Lily at Bookland - Little Lily at Candyland - Little Lily at Clockland - Little Lily at Alienland - Little Lily at Fairyland
Love of Rarang and Konga /web/id/books/love-rarang-and-konga Pobe the giant tree got a visitor, a couple of gigantic bird. They were Rarang and Konga, a couple of hornbills that loved each other. They were about to make a nest inside Pobe’s stem. Konga was about to lay egg soon. The following days would be so wonderful to this happy couple. However one day, Rarang didn’t come home. Konga was upset and worried. She was worried that Konga was captured by hunters to take its casque. Konga could only pray so that Allah would save Rarang from any danger. At last, Konga went home safely.
Maen Bebarengan ame Tong Oji /web/id/books/maen-bebarengan-ame-tong-oji Hello everybody, my name is Fauzi, a Batavian. My friends use to call me Tong Oji. I love to play with my friends every afternoon. There is a lot exciting Batavian folk games. Let’s take a look!
Mahabarata: Bisma’s Heroism /web/id/books/mahabarata-bisma%E2%80%99s-heroism