The Committee

Siti Gretiani /web/author-n-artist/siti-gretiani

Siti Gretiani is General Manager at Gramedia Pustaka Utama, one of the largest publishing houses in Indonesia. She is supervisor of the Literary Promotion & International Fair of the National Book Committee.

Organizing Committee
Thomas Nung Atasana /web/author-n-artist/thomas-nung-atasana

Thomas Nung Atasana is the Director of Borobudur Agency, a literary agency established by the Indonesian Publishers Association to promote and license Indonesian content abroad. He was Chief Editor and International Marketing General Manager within Kompas Gramedia publishing group.  He is in charge of Literary Promotion for International Rights Licensing of the National Book Committee.

Organizing Committee
Wandi S. Brata /web/author-n-artist/wandi-s-brata

As part of his preparation to be a catholic priest, Petrus Canisius Suwandi Sandiwan Brata studied philosophy and got his BA from Driyarkara Institute of Philosophy, Jakarta, Indonesia, and then his MA from Gregorian University, Rome, Italy, 1987. He studied theology at Wedhabakti Pontifical Institute of Theology, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and graduated in 1990.

Steering Committee
Yani Kurniawan /web/author-n-artist/yani-kurniawan

Yani Kurniawan is a rights agent for Tuttle-Mori Agency, Co. Ltd. He started his career in publishing as a copyright coordinator for Serambi Publisher in 2007 until 2010. He is joining the National Book Committee and handles Literary Promotion and Publishing Rights.

Organizing Committee
Yuliani Liputo /web/author-n-artist/yuliani-liputo

Yuliani Liputo has been working in book publishing since 1994, first as editor at Mizan Publishing and now in charge of international copyrights buying and selling for the company. She handles Literary Development and Workshop at the National Book Committee

Organizing Committee